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The Hill - 9_15_20, 10.14 PMSarah Whitaker
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Sarah Naomi Whitaker, "The Hill"






By receiving this grant, I was able to purchase tools to record audio and equipment to practice on while not having access to certain percussion instruments during the pandemic. I was also able to purchase literature that affirmed my existence and affirmed my feelings that are so often denied.  Aside from financial support, receiving this grant was the catalyst for me to complete this much-needed form of therapy. Being an individual who lives with anxiety, thoughts tend to echo in my mind without a sense of relief. The process of physicalizing these experiences and thoughts through literature and sound has caused me to choose a different route other than suppression, by being a form of validation. What I have learned through creating through the coronavirus pandemic, is that there are people who would like to hear me and hear me purely. Before now, I believed that I was the antithesis of desire in every shape and form. By taking a chance and filling out a proposal for this grant, my experience was validated. I believe other CAL students would benefit from such financial support in the future because our population consists of people from all financial backgrounds where the value of a dollar holds different connotations.