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Lauren Slawin, Dual Pandemic


In this video, I create a drawing of George Floyd using the words “George Floyd,” “I can’t breathe”, and “Justice for George.” During this time lapse of me drawing, there is a voice over of words written describing the Black Lives Matter movement and common misconceptions of the movement itself. This is a three minute and twenty seven second video.


Content Warning: References to death, anti-blackness and racism


I am a sophomore at Michigan State University and I permanently reside in a suburb of Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota. I am majoring in both Graphic Design and Creative Advertising. 


Receiving the microgrant helped me in the production of this project because it gave me access to be able to pay for Adobe platforms that helped me create the piece of art shown in the timelapse video. I am extremely grateful for the microgrant being given and also being able to use the programs I used. While creating during Covid I have learned how important communication is. I was allowed to turn my project in later because I ran into my computer breaking for a significant amount of time. I am so lucky that the communication wth the organizers was compassionate and I was able to use the time I was given. Covid has made me understand how important working with people is-- whether virtually or in person. I wanted to go protest and take live footage and stand up for what I believe in, but because I was living with my parents I was unable to do so with the fear that I might bring something back that would make them sick. Coming together and standing up for what you believe in is so important especially during times like these, with the Black Lives Matter movement happening and the polarizing election. Covid made me realize that standing up for what one believes is what is the most important, regardless of the mode. I do believe that other CAL students would benefit from financial support like this in the future. I have always wanted something to make a video essay worthy of being in my portfoli.  Before this, I had no real “video,” but now, because of this grant, I have a great project to include in my portfolio for other opportunities in the future.