IMG_4213 - Jake Gerard Price.JPG

Jake Gerard Price, "Fractals & Folds"


Choreography: Jake Gerard Price

Camera Work: Kevin Mazur

Music: Nils Frahm 

“Fractals & Folds” is a contemporary dance film set to Nils Frahm’s “Less” depicting the struggles of living amongst a global pandemic. The choreography explores my emotional journey throughout the pandemic, from the feeling of isolation to the repetition of days. In this new normal, body language, such as a nod to give thanks or a wave to say goodbye, has become a necessary mode of communication. These non-verbal interactions remind that as a dancer I am fluent in speaking through movement. [Duration: 3:47]





After an onslaught of bad news, receiving this grant was the light at the end of the tunnel. It kept me occupied during the darkest period of time that I have lived through. It allowed me to explore my emotions and cope with the changing world around me. The creative process for this project taught me that exploration is still possible while being confined in my small apartment. My usual choreographic process involves a mirror and wood floor. However, I did not have access to those amenities. I had to innovate -- I choreographed in my living room on my carpet without a mirror. I noticed that the lack of a mirror proved to be an advantage. I no longer had a reflection to judge or critic, I no longer cared if my legs were slightly bent or my feet weren’t pointed to perfection. This allowed my choreography to be as honest as possible. I will implement this method into my creative process. Furthermore, the filming and editing gave me experience in the artistic direction of dance film -- a field that I would like to get more involved in. I noticed that certain things that look great on stage, don’t necessarily translate on camera. These lessons are important for my desired career path.

The grant gave me the financial freedom to finally purchase an iPad, a device that I have desired for a while now and would help further my passion for graphic design and business marketing. The iPad also helped me in the editing process. I used it to combine the clips and mix the music as well as making the title and credit sequence. The long-lasting impact I have acquired from this grant will follow me in all my creative experiences. I know other creatives will benefit from this grant in the future.