The CREATE! Micro-Grant Program has selected 12 student projects to receive $500 for responding critically and imaginatively to events occurring during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of the winning projects reflect on the fight for social justice in the Black Lives Matter movement, producing art that responds to struggles brought on by the pandemic and acts of police brutality.

The CREATE! Micro-Grant Program winners utilize a variety of expressive mediums to portray their message.


Each submission was examined by a group of seven jurors from MSU and the Lansing area, with proposed works only being accepted from currently enrolled undergraduate students at MSU.

Facilitated by the Michigan State University's College of Arts & Letters, and made possible by our many supporting partners at MSU, this Microgrants initiative was facilitated by the College of Arts and Letters (CAL) Dean's Arts Advisory Council (DAAC). 


Divya Victor, Associate Professor of Creative Writing and Transnational Poetry, a member of the DAAC, stated: “We owe these students every opportunity to build skills that will help them take care of themselves, be safe in material and immaterial ways, and fight the many political battles ahead to secure a world more worthy of their talent and spirit."

The DAAC has been glad to support the many ways in which these young artists have made artworks that reflect their approach to the particular challenges of their generation.

This online exhibit was designed and curated collaboratively by Rob Roznowski (MSU Theatre) and Divya Victor (MSU English and Creative Writing). The organizers are grateful to Mary Zauel, Laura Cloud, Pete Johnson, Alec Parr, and Kim Popiolek and CAL Marketing and Communications for their supporting roles in this effort.