devin mckinney and donte smith.JPG

Devin McKinney & Donté Smith

"New Virus"


Collaborating on this short documentary video, McKinney and Smith bring together news reels, voice-over narration, and footage of landscapes in the Greater Lansing area to present the story of the "New Virus." In this short film, the friends and collaborators explore both the Covid-19 pandemic and the rise of police brutality against African Americans to suggest that the "virus" is both a biological and ideological infection plaguing the United States. 


The CREATE! Micro-grants allowed us to buy equipment (camera gimbal, editing equipment, and lighting) that we continue to use everyday with our personal media outlets. Also the grant helped us a lot in the troubling times because the majority of our money goes to bills. The grant gave us the opportunity to put money towards our passions for once.


From this experience we’ve learned the true perseverance of passionate people. In a world more separated than ever before (because we all literally have to stay at home) people still found a way to come together for a good cause. This motivates us to continue to pursue things we’re passionate about and to not let anything get in our way of our goals.